The 10 Tenets of Sanctuary of the Phoenix

Tenet 1. Do as you will and harm none, unless in defending yourself or your family.
You are free to do as you please so long as it causes no harm. You can defend yourself if necessary and there is no path to peaceful resolve when there is an imminent threat of harm against you. For example, we may not provoke someone to attack us, but if someone were to attack us, we may defend ourselves.

Tenet 2. Do not judge the lifestyles of others or their spiritual Path unless it brings you harm.
How other people choose to live their life is not your concern unless it brings you harm.
Some examples, if someone were to steal from you, then it has caused you harm and you may judge them as a thief and take proper action to remedy the situation.

If you are proselytized to by a Christian, you have a right to verbally defend yourself.
Abrahamic faiths command our death, so their attempts to convert you is a harm.
Leave them in peace to their own spiritual truth.

If someone in your life identifies within the LGBTQ+ community, it is not your place to judge in that regard.

Tenet 3. Do not utilize Magick to interfere with free will.
We do not condone using Magick to interfere with the free will of other individuals. An individual’s will is a true gift of the Deities, and we are to respect that free will with the exception of protecting ourselves or those weaker than us from harm.

Tenet 4. Use no Hex or Curse on anyone who causes no harm.
We are not to take such extreme defensive actions unless they are necessary.

Tenet 5. Protect Children, The Elderly, Nature, and those weaker than yourself.
Protect your community. It may be your kin, a stranger, or simply the geographical location you are in.
Our children are our guarded future. Protect them from harm with all of your ability.
Nature is defenseless, and we must exercise reasonable protection and conservation of our Earth.
If someone who is weaker than you are in distress, help and protect them within your means and ability.

Tenet 6. Celebrate life and honor the deceased.
Life is precious, as are those who had lived. Celebrate life, especially new life. Honor the deceased, especially the recently deceased.

Tenet 7. Do not use Magick you do not understand.
Only use Magick you understand. Some Magick can have dire consequences practiced improperly. If partaking in a ritual for Magick you are learning or possess no understanding of, follow the guidance of those leading the ritual.

Tenet 8. Cultivate a respectful relationship with Nature.
We are the protectors of Nature. It is our duty to be a voice for the voiceless and stand for the defense of the natural world. It is our sacred duty to foster a respectful harmony with this earth.

Tenet 9. Maintain an accountable responsibility for yourself, your words, and your actions.
Our words and actions are our responsibility to be accountable for. Our words and actions can impart Magick, and what we sow will be reaped. Your word is your bond, always use true words.

Tenet 10. Live life in accordance with The Testament of Shadows.
Learn from the Testament of Shadows. It is a source of knowledge and guidance for those of our Coven. It is to impart wisdom and to aid in living a devout Pagan life. The Testament of Shadows is a mix of our teachings, your independent study, your spiritual truth, and your Book of Shadows. There may be a commemorative book, but it is a doctrinal concept that encompasses your spiritual truth.