Hearing a Calling

It is not uncommon across spiritual traditions and religions around the world to have a calling from a higher power. Paganism is no exception to this.

Image by Алина Осипова from Pixabay

In Paganism, there is a wonderful variety of callings. Some callings are personal, some are communal, and the context ranges from being drawn to a deity to being called for a duty.

It is good to be mindful that we are called when it is our time to be, some of us may wait a very long time to receive a calling, some of us may have a hard time hearing the call when it is made, some of us may have numerous callings, and many of us who do hear the call may have difficulty understanding the context.

A calling can present itself in many ways, through signs, an instinctual feeling, visions, dreams, being drawn to something, or through nature.

In these times, there is a modern awakening, more people are hearing their call, and the old ways are coming back.

When you hear the call, or suspect you are being called, it is always a good idea to look at the signs or indications you may have received. See if you can research them in search engines, see if any books pull you to seek answers, and ask about the signs or indications in trusted groups.

When we do receive a calling it can be immensely personal and it can also bring us closer to our faith and validate our beliefs.

We should remind ourselves that no matter how personal a calling we receive is, that many people may receive the same calling. These are opportunities to share common ground, and to exchange ideas and knowledge. Having an identical or similar calling is a blessing, there is an awakening going on around us.

As we hear our call we will find others who have heard the same call in their own time, and others will come in time. This does not make any individual’s calling more or less valid. It is simply a calling.

When being called by a God, Goddess, or Nature it can be about developing a personal relationship with that aspect, in time it may also become serving the will of that aspect. In this, it is very personal. YOU were called on after all.

Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

But we also have to acknowledge when a communal calling arises, that type of calling can be from many aspects of deity and nature and any combination thereof. The call to form a Sanctuary and/or Coven, The call to perform a Ritual, the call to start a charity. These callings usually have a community impact. You will come across many individuals and groups doing works similar or the same as you are doing or preparing to do and working towards. Learn from each other when possible.

In communal callings you can often find obstacles such as funding, participation, and exposure. All good things start with a first step. Some of us may be of different means, in different places in life, or in less suitable locations. These are simply challenges to overcome, they take time. For some, it will take more time than others and that is ok. Keep moving forward with your calling.

In the end, it is we Pagans as a greater community that will be the continuance of our faith for the future. Whether we practice in solitude, in secret, or as a coven, we are all the community. May the callings you receive be blessed.

– High Priest Odin

“Laud we the Gods, and let our crooked smokes climb to their nostrils from our blest altars.”
Cymbeline, Act 5 – Scene 5 ~ Shakespeare