LGBTQIA+ and Paganism

LGBTQIA+ and Paganism

It is important that we bring up the topic of LGBTQIA+ and Paganism in our Sanctuary and Coven. This is because it is part of our views as a Sanctuary and Coven.

We welcome LGBTQIA+ individuals into our Sanctuary, Coven, and Clergy. We believe that regardless of who you love or how you identify your gender, that you are worth respect and kindness.

Sanctuary of the Phoenix believes that it is the energy we discharge in our spiritual work that is important. We do not believe who we love or the biology we have dictates our spiritual being. This is because in a spiritual aspect, we are all equals. We allow our clergy to decide if they wish to be a Priest, Priestess, or Priestx. Our clergy is also able to change that choice later.

We believe that in a spiritual sense, we are all of a spectrum of energies. That we can also focus on what energy we wish to discharge in spiritual works.

We extend this belief to being a core virtue. No one is superior to anyone else because of ethnicity, sex, or gender identity. We are all equal. This virtue is emphasized in our clergy as well as our official functions and events.

You may be aware that I am Gender Fluid and Non-Binary. Our Sanctuary also has a support group. Gender Fluid Support Network is open to people of any faith.

So, for us LGBTQIA+ and Paganism go well together, as it should. No faith should be used as a tool of discrimination or superiority, faith is intended to teach loving values. As a Sanctuary and Coven we are doing our best to ensure that our faith is not misused. We want to deliver a clear and concise message of love.

~ High Priest Odin

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