Community Respects

Community Respects

The Sanctuary of the Phoenix Pagan Community is made of our Guests, Coven, Clergy, and everything in between.

Our Pagan Community is guided by mutual respect.
The Sanctuary of the Phoenix Pagan Community is a space between being a guest and making a spiritual commitment to be part of the Coven and or Clergy.

Our Pagan Community is also the interface to how we interact with other Sanctuaries and Covens as well as the greater Pagan Community.

The Sanctuary of the Phoenix Pagan Community is designed to be a more inclusive component of our Sanctuary.

Just as some Pagans may enjoy the structure and beliefs of our Coven, some Pagans simply desire to be on their own spiritual journey and share time well spent with other Pagans who are on their own spiritual journey.

Sanctuary of the Phoenix is a Pagan Sanctuary liberated from Abrahamic notions and teachings. We welcome all to join us in peace to learn what is of use to them as long as it is understood we are purely a Pagan Sanctuary.

So it may be known, we have come together as equals in a community to share these mutual respects:

1. Be kind to each other in our community.

2. We do not accept bigotry or discrimination of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to racism, extremism, gender or biological sex supremacy or discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, gender identity discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination of any disability, and any other reason protected or not by the US Government.

3. We may hold Rituals from various Paths or an Eclectic mix of Paths. These are open to anyone with a willful desire to participate.

4. We are to respect that we are of many Paths and diverse beliefs, please keep interactions in kindness and focused on Paganism.

5. Observe common sense in respectful conduct.

6. Respect Privacy outside of our Community, not everyone is out of the broom closet.

7. We ask visiting Individuals, Sanctuaries, Covens, and Communities to refrain from recruitment activities unless willfully and intently approached by an attendee with a desire to join. No Spam or Promotions.

8. Sanctuary Respects
Though we welcome witches of all faiths and Pagans of most Paths, this Sanctuary is liberated from Abrahamic notions, teachings, and beliefs. Come in peace, and respect this is a space of Paganism.