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Sanctuary of the Phoenix is an Eclectic Pagan Sanctuary, Community, and Coven.

As a Sanctuary, Community, and Coven we embrace many Paths in Paganism and offer Religious instruction and services.

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Current Planetary Positions

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 22° Aries 49' 38"
Moon 27° Aries 29' 13"
Mercury 15° Aries 47' 26"
Venus 27° Aries 13' 50"
Mars 23° Gemini 22' 08"
Jupiter 25° Aquarius 23' 09"
Saturn 12° Aquarius 11' 16"
Uranus 09° Taurus 38' 14"
Neptune 21° Pisces 49' 12"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 45' 05"
Chiron 09° Aries 41' 04"
TrueNode 11° Gemini 39' 53" R

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Moon is traveling through Aries today. Watch your head, but do jump in. It's time to conquer.

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